Shutdown computer easily, create shutdown shortcut, create shutdown schedule, shutdown computer whenever computer left idle / unused for defined number of minutes, and more.

Software downloads listed below support other computer control actions such as Hibernate, Standby, Log Off, and much more.

The Software programs listed below are listed according to the actions they can perform, more information about the software and direct download link from respective site has been provided as well to try the software for free.

Follow any of the Shutdown link(s) below to view screenshot, utility download link, and shutdown information.

Shutdown Shortcut

Shutdown Shortcut to shutdown computer with a shortcut on desktop or start menu or at your favourite location. Shutdown Shortcut can be created to shutdown computer with or without displaying a confirmation dialog box, voice alert, and even simple or brute shutdown.

Auto Shutdown

Auto Shutdown computer according to a defined schedule. Auto Shutdown Computer Daily, Weekly(on all week days or only specified days of the week), Monthly, etc. Automatic shutdown can be configured upto specified minutes precision.

Shutdown Timer

Shutdown Timer can be used to shutdown computer after known duration. Brute Shutdown and Normal Shutdown options are available and Restart, Hibernate, Log Off, options are available as well to be initiated after known duration. Follow link at the beginning of this paragraph to view screenshot and download shutdown timer.

Shutdown Command

How to get Shutdown Command from shutdown shortcut created above. The Shutdown Command can be invoked from command prompt as command line, batch script, or any type of scheduler.

Idle Shutdown

Configure Idle Shutdown to configure number of idle minutes after which to shutdown computer. You can also use the software utility to initiate a timed shutdown to shutdown computer after x minutes. Follow the link and view screenshot and find out more information about the shutdown utility.

Shutdown Screen Saver

This Screen Saver is just like a normal Screen Saver with a little change. The Shutdwon Screen Saver does not displays beautiful scneries or pictures or anything like Screen Savers do now a days. Instead this Shutdown Screen saver can be used to manage idle computers and in turn add security, save energy and more. Have a look at the Shutdown Screen Saver page which throws more light on the Screen Saver.

Daily Shutdown

View, Add, or Delete Daily Shutdown and other actions. Daily Shutdown link display software tool for download which can be used to daily shutdown computer at defined time. You can schedule actions to be executed daily at defined time with ease. Download software tool and schedule daily shutdown, daily restart, and other actions easily.

Shutdown XP

Shutdown Windows XP without any problems or find a shutdown utility to do the job. The page also describes briefly what happend when you Shutdown Windows manually or with a Shutdown Utility.

Vista Shutdown

Follow Vista Shutdown link to find out quick and easy ways to initiate vista shutdown. Vista Shutdown now can be done as you would like it to be easily and with minimal efforts. Normal Shutdown, Forced Shutdown, with many easy to use available options.

Windows 7 Shutdown

Windows 7 Shutdown link display software utilities which can be used to shutdown a computer running windows 7 computer using keyboard / mouse. Use utilities listed to shutdown windows 7 with hotkey, shutdown command, and more.

Shutdown Windows

Shutdown Windows is a free software utility to shutdown a computer running Windows Operating System normally with Voice Alert.

Shutdown Actions

Note : All of the software utilities work as application to perform shutdown actions, which implies that you must be logged onto the computer system and application must be running to shutdown computer in the way you have specified. This gives you flexibility that you can abort / disable shutdown actions by just closing the software utility.

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